Leo Nagano

I've been creating software for 20+ years.
I was a Delphi software developer.
I worked as a Java Sofware engineer for 10+ years.
I co-founded a IT outsourcing company in 2008 and exited in 2013.
I created a company (real-time Business Intelligence software) from scratch in 2008 and exited in 2017 (built the first version/led a team of engineers/worked with the sales team on proposals and pitches/responsible for the cash flow)

I also created these side projects
HotelsforVisitors,DaysUntilNextHoliday, StretchYourAnnualLeave, Smart Mirror, TwitterFontSize, AllergiesAndKids, Airportrs, Inbrewers

Some Clients I have worked with over the past 20+ years