Hey, I'm Leo. I've been working in tech for 20+ years.

Founded and sold a B2B company to chase my dreamed....meaningless life?

I also told how I spent 10 months coding before selling and how a complicated product ruined the pricing decision


Things I've done

NameDescriptionLaunched in?Total RevenueWhat did I do?Tech Stack
NeraReal-time dashboard2008$2.8mSoldJava, Oracle
AirportrsBest options from airports to city centres2015$100Shut downNodeJS, ObjectiveC (iOS), MongoDB
AllergiesandKidsDirectory of resources for kids with allergies2017$0Shut downNodeJS, JSON File
InBrewersDirectory of independent beer brewers2017$0Shut downNodeJS, MongoDB
PrezzingClipping tool for PR companies2017$0Shut downNodeJS, MongoDB
HotelsForVisitorsBnb's available near events2018$20Shut downNodeJS, Python, JSON File
StretchYourAnnualLeaveCalculator to help you make the most of your annual leave2018$10Shut downNodeJS
NoAgeismInTechAge friendly companies tech job board2018$0Shut downNodeJS, JSON File
DaysToTennisTwitter counting down the next tennis tournaments2019$0Shut downManual input
NoDisguisedAdsAnymoreFade out Google ads2019$0Shut downJavascript
NoSenseOfUrgencyRemove "sense of urgency" from hotels bookings websites2019$0Shut downJavascript

The boring stuff

• 10+ years as Java Sofware Engineer and Project Manager.
• I co-founded a IT outsourcing company in 2008 and sold in 2013.
• I created a company (real-time Business Intelligence software) from scratch in 2008 and sold in 2017 (built the first version/Project managed/led a team of engineers/worked with the sales team on proposals and pitches/responsible for the cash flow)
• I've been working as Technical Project Manager/Product Owner since 2018

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